Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Event Preview: Rock and Shock 2010 (by Dave Machado)

Calling all horror fans! This weekend (Oct. 15-17) at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA is the annual Rock and Shock convention! For those unaware, Rock and Shock is a convention held in Worcester where fans get the chance to meet many of their favorite horror stars of the past and present. I attended for the first time last year and was able to meet such horror icons as John Landis, Kane Hodder, and Malcolm McDowell. It was an amazing time and I have been counting the days since for the 2010 edition. Luckily the organizers didn't disappoint as the collection of stars this year contains some amazing horror icons:

George Romero
My reaction when finding out George Romero would be a guest at Rock and Shock this year can best be described as "slightly embarrassing." I'm a huge fan of his work and knowing I'll have the chance to actually meet him is amazing. He is easily one of the most influential horror directors in the modern era. If you need just one excuse to stop by the DCU center this weekend, this is it. He will also be holding a Q&A session starting at 5pm on Sat. You'll find me as close to the front row as I'm able to get.

Adam Green
As excited as I am to meet Romero, Adam Green is a close second. Sure he isn't considered an icon yet, but he is one of the best younger horror directors out there right now. He's already amassed an impressive collection of films with both Hatchet films, Frozen, and Spiral. He's a director that shows a lot of range in his movies and I really think he will eventually be considered a great in the genre. I look forward to having him sign my Hatchet II ticket stub. Adam will be holding a Q&A session at 4pm on Sat. 

Danny Trejo
Another giant score for the organizers of this event. Trejo is a cult icon at this point in his career starring in countless horror/action movies. I was a little surprised he wouldn't be doing a Q&A but it will be cool to get to shake the hand of Machete.

Danielle Harris
This is another guest I am very excited to see. Danielle Harris first become known as the little girl from Halloween 4 and 5. When Rob Zombie cast her as a new character in his remake of the original Halloween, I thought it was a great way to pay tribute to the original series. I recently saw Danielle in the amazing Hatchet II and she is now an official Scream Queen in my mind. I really look forward to this new part of her career and it will be cool to have her sign my Hatchet II ticket. Danielle will be part of the Halloween Q&A panel at 3pm on Saturday.

Adrienne Barbeau
The inclusion of Adrienne Barbeau is one of the reasons I love Rock and Shock. Not only does it feature current stars, but it gives you a chance to meet the greats of previous years. Adrienne has starred in such classics as The Fog, Escape from New York, Creepshow, and the cancelled well before it's time Carnivale. 

Alex Winter
Alex Winter was a late but welcome addition to Rock and Shock this year. I believe it's one of his first convention appearances. It will be a surreal experience to get to shake the hand of Bill S. Preston, Esq. I wonder how many times he will have to give a generic "maybe" response to the possibility of a third Bill and Ted. For the record, I am all for that movie!

This is just some of the 30+ celebrities that will be there the entire weekend. Other notables include Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Bill Mosely (Chop-Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Otis from Devil's Rejects), Zoe Bell (Death Proof and 2 episodes of LOST), and Thom Matthews (Return of the Living Dead and Friday the 13th Part 6). Go here to see the full list!

In addition to the celebs, Rock and Shock will also feature nightly concerts by metal bands. Sat. night features a performance by both Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper. It would be great if Rob stopped over to the convention side. The Halloween remake panel would seem like a perfect time for that...

Tickets are fairly cheap ($15-$20 depending on when/where you buy them). I should mention you do have to pay for individual autographs (about $20 each) but it's free to just pop in line to say hello and shake their hand. Plus all Q&A sessions are free, which last year ended up being my favorite thing about the event. There are also tons of vendors selling every horror related thing you can possibly think of. It may seem like late notice, but if you are a horror fan in need plans for the weekend and are in the area, I can't think of a better way to spend your time.

You're Welcome,

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