Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Review: Katy Perry's Peacock (by Dave Machado)

For those of you who have yet to hear this new highlight in the medium of music, I urge you to either seek out the song before reading this or at the very least, read the lyrics in the link supplied above. There was a time a few short weeks ago that I questioned the reasoning for the continuation of music after Kurt from Glee sang Rose's Turn but now I see why. Some may think it is crass and others will say it is crude, and to both parties I ask you to reach deep down and remember that time you yourself longed for something that felt so close yet was so out of reach. Music has been around for centuries and has finally reached an apex of human creativity. Oddly, this turned out to be Katy Perry singing about how badly she wants to see a dick.

The song begins like any good adventurous tale does, with a person learning of a possibly unattainable object and the decision to stop at nothing in order to get it. Like Indiana Jones before her, Katy Perry sets us off into a world of mystery with the yearning for a mythical MacGuffin. We follow her along as she begins her quest by immediately pestering a man to show her his penis. My respect for Katy Perry lies in her ability to realize that sometimes the best solution to a problem is also the easiest. In the case of Katy Perry, let us call it "Occam's Razor Burn."

The real pain of this song is that we really get the feeling Katy Perry has never seen a penis of such supposed beauty before. She needs the, and I quote, "jaw droppin', eye poppin', head turnin', body shockin'" which is sadly something it seems she has yet to experience. Luckily, Katy Perry is a powerful person and the man's initial rejections only makes her more determined than ever to have him shove his penis directly in her line of sight. She even begins resorting to what some will call a low tactic, which is to question his manhood. Katy's line "Don't be a chicken boy, stop acting like a biatch" rougly translates in English to "don't be a man with a vagina, show me your big penis." This turns out to be the man's breaking point and we finally get to feel the surge of relief as Katy Perry realizes that the myths were true.

I can't remember the last time I have shared such joy with a fictitious character. Katy Perry is able to really get across the completeness she feels once she is actually able to see this man's penis. You begin to wonder yourself, will you ever really be able to find what is missing from your life in such a way Katy Perry was able to in such a short time. You think, "Surely, not everyone truly gets what they want. I bet Katy Perry is simply using hyperbolic statements in order to make you believe she is happy." Well guess what, you are wrong! I quote, "Oh my God no exaggeration/boy all this time was worth the waiting/I just shed a tear!" So many questions come with these answers. Has Katy Perry really become so happy that she cried? Or is her sadness stemming from the fact that she knows, at such a young age, she has just seen the best life has to offer her? Or perhaps his penis smells like an onion?

Regardless, we have reached the end of our journey and we leave these characters to hopefully have some fun and dirty sex. However, will Katy Perry ever truly be satisfied? The song ends on a bittersweet moment when after expressing her gratitude over this man's junk, she returns to her earlier ploys to have him show off his peacock yet again (or in an even sadder thought, she has moved on to a new man!). I believe Katy Perry is making a grand statement on the insatiableness of the human soul. Our feeling of fulfillment (or of being filled) will never last forever and at the end of the day, we will always be left wanting more. Listening to Katy Perry's Peacock leaves me with that same feeling. Luckily iPods have a repeat function.

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  1. Not only do I have a new favorite song, but I'll also be laughing about this post for at least the next ten minutes. -Abby

  2. Thanks, please spread the word. We need to help this song win an OSCAR!