Monday, September 20, 2010

Rant/Rave: Moving Forward (by Dave Machado)

I've had this blog for a couple months now and felt it was time to take stock of what I've done so far and look forward to what I would like to do with it in the future. I started this on a whim on my birthday basically out of boredom and didn't have a real vision for what I wanted. I assumed it would be a mix of pop culture rants with a few reviews every once in a while. However, it quickly turned into a movie review only blog due to a renewed interest in going to the movies this summer. I had even given myself a new rule that any movie I watched, I must review at some point, regardless of how much I think no one else will care about it. I've enjoyed doing this so far and plan to continue with this rule while at the same time, I feel I should branch things out a bit so it doesn't get too stale.

I love watching movies. I am pretty sure that is obvious by now for the dozen or so people who decided to waste their time reading my thoughts on important topics like killer turkeys and the genius of Christopher Nolan. But the one thing I enjoy even more than watching movies, is talking about them. It's that fact that I want to keep front and center going forward with this blog. It may be too ambitious of me to say, but I would love for these writings on here to be the beginning of a conversation that continues within the comments section. If you like/hate/love something, make note of it below! I plan to begin writing more unique entires that don't focus on just one movie as an attempt to get people to join in. In fact, if you have ideas on things you would like discussed on here, let me know. I've already been given one idea for a recurring column that you will see in the near future and would love to have more ideas.

The one thing I didn't want my decision to create a fun blog to cause was a sense of homework when writing down a review. It would be absurd to feel that way because this is all just a fun little hobby that I've decided to start up. When your main hobby is something passive like viewing movies or listening to music, it's good to have some outlet where you actually do something with that interest. That's where Dave's Constant comes into play. Luckily it's been fun so far and I think it will continue to be as long as there are good things to write about (something I doubt will ever disappear).

I have tried to have a unique way of reviewing movies that hopefully people enjoy. I will continue to be as spoiler-free as possible. I am even toying with the idea of having separate "Spoiler" posts on the movies I've written about so I can go into more detail. I'm not here to deeply criticize movies, for two main reasons. First being I don't have the proper background to do that, and secondly, I watch movies to be entertained, not to gleefully turn around and rip it apart. I tried going the route of rating movies but that just seemed too boring to me.

Even movies that I had a lot of problems with (Devil), I still make it a point to let you know that they have some good in them. If I can find at least one redeeming thing in a movie that I can take away from it, then it was a worth viewing. I feel like positive thinking is missing from a lot of online criticism. I also agree that flat out loving something can have an equally negative effect on the reader so I will try to remain somewhere in the middle when not being obviously tongue-in-cheek. I'm new to this type of writing in general so it will take a while so hopefully you enjoy the ride. I fully admit they won't always be winners.

I hope you are enjoying what I've put up so far and continue to read my random posts as they keep coming throughout the year. I look forward to hearing about the things you would like discussed on here. Best case, you might even realize you would like to contribute as well. This isn't created just for me and I would love to begin posting stuff from other people as well. Now if you'd please leave me alone, I have some TV that needs watching.

You're Welcome,


  1. I've enjoyed it, too. I'd like to see more TV show reviews. And the music reviews are great too. With reviews, you should kind of open up the area for comments and agreements/disagreements at the end. That way, you're enticing the reader to think and respond. And you should allow other Dave's to post reviews: Two-years-too-late review of Hancock coming soon!